Dr. H. H. Holmes & Jack the Ripper ~ Todays Talk!

This is the 125th anniversary of the unsolved slayings in London’s East End committed by a phantom known only as Jack the Ripper.  2013 ignited a new spark of interest in the mystifying and seemingly cryptic, and unscrupulous acts, attached to this faceless criminal of yesteryear... and justifiably so!

Curious seekers are now questioning history’s most infamous criminal’s, and their identities, and are now looking in places never before journeyed.  Among the many theories, which have never stood the test of time, a new theory is introduced – perhaps the final theory!  Could the Ripper have been the American physician, and con artist extraordinaire, selling articulated skeletons to London medical schools in 1888 – Dr. H. H. Holmes?

The newfound interest may be byproducts of author’s works, like Erik Larson with The Devil in the White City.  Or hints of inquisitiveness based on Jeff Mudgett’s fictional narration of his personal struggles learning of his connection with his notorious ancestor, his great-great grandfather Dr. H. H. Holmes, in the book Bloodstains.  

On the other hand, could it be… perhaps people are intrigued by the possibility of exposing the truth, and they feel history has an obligation now to reveal the truth, especially in when we live in a “CSI” world and we have high-tech gadgetry readily available to aid in discovery?

Lately, there have been many authors claiming to have “solved” the Jack the Ripper mystery.  However, they offer little or nothing in the way of convincing proof.  They do not form a true and complete thesis of their own work, based on their claims and make it available to the public, they “borrow” ideas from others.  They make dubious or controversial arguments based on other peoples research, then go one step further stating there will never be “undeniable proof” linking Dr. H. H. Holmes to Jack the Ripper.  I say, this is pure laziness at its finest, and it is nonsensical double talk!

By investing hundreds of hours of research the project requires of locating the truth regarding Dr. H. H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper, I am now closer than ever in concluding this case, with satisfactory results based on case file evidence  hardcore facts!

for one, wish to bring you the very best, the most well-researched factual account of two of the most prolific crimes in history – Dr. H. H. Holmes and Jack the Ripper – and together we can put them through the test of time and forever set the records straight!

Dane Ladwig