Peer Reviews a Grateful Approach and Switching Gears!

To be admonished by one’s peers is a mark of success and a gratifying tribute to his or her work.  I am not the type of person who is used to taking compliments lightly.  For as far back as I can recall admiration and acclaim have always made me a bit uncomfortable.  Perhaps it was my harsh upbringing, which made those qualities foreign to me.

Nevertheless, I have learned through the School of Hard Knocks to be ever so grateful and appreciate the people who lift me up and separate myself from those caustic relationships in life, which bring me down.

After publishing my first book, Piercing the Veils of Death, a new world opened its doors to me.  I had spent the past several years in education preparing for what I believed was going to be a life in academia, possibly teaching or a life-long student.

I am now comfortable writing and publishing my work.  Life has a way of switching gears on us that way.  Although I have learned some very valuable lessons self-publishing my first book, like; never publish another book without having passed it through an editor first (what a nightmare!), I know my future holds an abundance of major-league moments.

When my peers elevate my work I graciously accept their accolades and press forward.  They are “seasoned”, they have “gone the distance.” One day I will join them and encourage up and coming writers and I too will have helped to solidify a budding author.  In the interim, I will continue on the path to writing my next book…

Dane Ladwig  

Peer Reviews:

“Read this book and you will come away with a different perspective of the thing which awaits us all, yet that we know so little about.” ~ Jeff Mudgett author of Bloodstains

“I felt it gave me reassurance that there is more after this life.” ~ RJ Parker author of many Amazon Top Ten True Crime nonfiction books.

“… [] makes you stop and think; to explore your own beliefs…” Sue Julsen author and memoirist.

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