More News From Gilmanton!

And, so the H. H. Holmes plot thickens indeed…

My continued conversations with the Mudgett’s of Gilmanton, NH. has unveiled yet another startling discovery. Several years ago, a member of the Mudgett clan purchased Doctor Nahum Wight’s property in Gilmanton, NH. The doctor’s name may not ring a bell, but it will begin to make sense shortly. I can now place a name to a historic event in Holmes life. When Herman W. Mudgett (Dr. H. H. Holmes) was about ten or eleven years-old, his school mates taunted him and thrust him into a doctor’s office while he was on his way home from school. Unlike what we have come to believe, Herman was not scared to death by a skeleton, which fell on him. No! It was a freshly deceased cadaver awaiting the good doctor’s final touches and preparation before being relocated to the mortician’s office. The town doctor, Nahum Wight, had stepped out of his office to make an emergency house call when the young hooligans forced Herman to endure a child’s worst nightmare and terror.

A few interesting facts about the good Dr. Nahum Wight. As you will see in my upcoming book, Dr. H. H. Holmes and the Whitechapel Ripper, Dr. Wight graduated Dartmouth College. He lectured at the University of Michigan Medical School, and Dr. Wight was indeed the personal source of character reference on file for Herman Webster Mudgett to enter Dartmouth College (for one year), and the University of Michigan Medical School where Mudgett/Holmes earned a degree as a physician.

And, as a bizarre footnote the Mudgett family member who purchased Dr. Wight’s property, the initials in the individual’s name are, ironically… “H. H.”!