Getting the Hang of it All...

As I adapt to the rigors of an Authors life, late night inspiration and balancing the pendulum of marketing, PR, and finding time to continue my writing endeavors, I am amazed how authors are able to maintain composure.

A few pots of coffee. A visit to the social arena followed by the demands of the distributor and I am reevaluating my sanity.

Not to fear! I keep it together and press forward.

My next manuscript calls. I leave the mundane trivialities of this world behind, even if just for a short time, and escape to a Victorian era when time seemed to stand still. For the time at hand, I experience solace and serenity as I take a stroll down the cobblestone path of yesteryear.

I think to myself, everyone needs to take time to escape – to walk this path.

My sanity returns!