I Received it Today, It'll Keep The Flames Burning!

Today, I received a delivery from my favorite UPS delivery worker, my recently published book! 

I was surprised when I opened the box of 20 copies I had ordered (excite to share my handiwork) and was immediately met with an authors worse nightmare. Don't get me wrong, the book looks absolutely great... that is, once you open the cover. 

Seems the printer was in such a hurry because my book was in demand (rush sales due to a high volume of orders) that the printer didn't bother to inform me the cover was atrocious. The art is great, but the fonts are... let's just say, what fonts? 

One of the best feelings an author can experience is when he or she sees their name on the cover of a work they invested a ton of time in. My name blended  in with the cover art and was relatively invisible. 

Ii have been assured the issue has been resolved and new fonts are in place. I'm glad! Perhaps the 20 books I have on hand with no authors name on the cover could be put to some good use after all. It's about 3 degrees outside and the fireplace logs are beginning to run low.     

Naturally, I'll put a copy of my book aside and grab a hot cup of cocoa, snuggle close by the fire, and as I flip through the pages I'll toss a copy in the embers and keep the flames burning!!!