Just When I Thought I Was...

While working on the release of my book, Piercing the Veils of Death: A Paranormal Exploration, every time I thought I was just at the place I wanted to be with the manuscript low and behold, there's another change to make. 

Finally, I submit the perfected manuscript (or as close to perfect as I could get with the wits I had left), and then I realize I needed to make changes to the artwork.

Then more changes to the manuscript. Then maybe... Perhaps.... No. Resubmit once again. 

Sit on-edge and wait for word from the publisher. One hour goes by, two-hours, two days, then after the rigorous (but adventurous) year of researching and writing the book, weeks of writing and working around the clock, I finally see my work in its finished state.  

I am elated! So. What is the problem? Now that I have met my goals and exceeded my expectations far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of, I am now feeling as though I am in need of starting the next project. 

Off I go to my next journey...